Land in Balotesti - Investment Opportunity in North Bucharest

This property in Romania has been identified by Property Uncovered as being an exceptional investment opportunity due to its up-and-coming area and its stunning prices.

. Romania
. Balotesti
. North Bucharest


. 20% Below Market Value;

. One of the most sought after locations in Romania in the years to come;

. Between the DN1 and the future Bucharest-Brasov motorway;

. 2.5 kms to the 2nd ring-road around Bucharest;


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A Dynamic Investment Opportunity

. We are recommending Balotesti has a great investment due to its fantastic location in North Bucharest.

. It is this area of Bucharest with the airports and access to the city centre that makes it such an attractive location to developers and people wanting to live close to the centre of the city but with all the benefits of outstanding countryside close by.

. The Bucharest - Brasov motorway will pass very close to Balotesti and the new road that connects Pipera - Balotesti - Caciulati has now opened meaning even quicker access to the centre of Bucharest.

. The jouney time from Pipera to Balotesti is now only 10 minutes.

. These roads will also connect to the new 2nd Ring Road around Bucharest further enhancing this site as a prime location.